We Heart Kids™: Helping Families with a Congenital Heart Defect Diagnosis

Meet the families of Romeo and Kim. Both children were born with heart problems and received medical devices from Abbott.

St. Jude Medical™ Masters Series bileaflet implantable mechanical heart valve
Setting the Standard

The St. Jude Medical™ Masters Series bileaflet implantable mechanical heart valve set the standard for heart valves. More than 2 million have been implanted since 1977.

New Treatments, Efficiencies and Solutions

In today’s complex health care environment, offering outstanding products is no longer enough. Our customers need comprehensive solutions that help them manage patients throughout the continuum of care. That is why we focus on innovation, developing first-of-their-kind products and integrated product portfolios that enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes while reducing costs.

Innovation that makes a significant impact for patients and customers takes imagination, dedication, talent and resources. 

Our product portfolio reflects a cumulative investment in medical device innovation totaling more than $10 billion. In addition, we invest in companies that have developed groundbreaking technologies and products. We want our customers and partners to have access to the best diagnostic and treatment solutions, so they can give their patients the best possible care.

Meeting the challenge

Our efforts are rooted in a history of advancing the practice of medicine and making a difference for future generations. We design our innovations to meet multiple goals. Here are just a few:

Goal: Reduce heart-failure readmissions
Innovation: Wireless sensing technology. The CardioMEMS™ HF System is the first and only FDA-approved heart failure (HF) monitoring device that has been proven to significantly reduce HF hospital admissions when used by physicians to manage heart failure in certain classes of patients (NYHA Class III HF).1

Goal: Reduce surgical revisions
Innovation: Quadripolar lead technology. The Quadra™ family of solutions, including the Quartet™ quadripolar LV lead, features our first-to-market quadripolar technology, which provides physicians more pacing options to optimize CRT performance and reduces the need for surgical lead revisions.2

Goal: Increase lab efficiency
Innovation: St. Jude Medical Integrated Lab™. St. Jude Medical integrated electrophysiology (EP) lab systems help to reduce costs, streamline workflow and improve continuity of care in order to better patient outcomes.

Goal: Reduce complications
Innovation: Leadless pacing technology. The world’s first leadless pacemaker, the Nanostim™ leadless pacemaker*, is designed to be implanted directly into the heart via a nonsurgical procedure. The small size of the device, coupled with the exclusion of the lead, can reduce traditional pacemaker complications.3 

Goal: Reduce the need for repeat surgery
Innovation: Upgradeable neurostimulator. The Protégé MRI™ Spinal Cord Stimulation System* allows patients to access new spinal cord stimulation therapies as they are approved via software updates, instead of having to undergo repeat surgical procedures to replace their implantable pulse generators (IPGs). 

Goal: Optimize percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI)
Innovation: Combine physiological and anatomical insight. Leveraging intravascular optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging and fractional flow reserve (FFR) technology, the ILUMIEN™ OPTIS PCI Optimization System provides 3-D vessel reconstruction and intravascular pressure measurements to better guide revascularization treatment decisions.

Industry recognition

Our breakthrough medical devices are life-changing and life-saving. As a result, they have made significant impact in the industry. Our recent awards include:

  • Innovation Award at Cardiostim 2014. This award, which was chosen by a congress committee of electrophysiologists and conveyed the support of the electrophysiology (EP) community, recognized the Nanostim™ leadless pacemaker* as the most innovative product in the field of electrophysiology and cardiac techniques.
  • 2014 Phoenix Conference Most Promising New Product Award. Medical device manufacturer industry executives chose the Nanostim* leadless pacemaker as the Most Promising New Product at the 2014 Phoenix Conference, the annual gathering of leaders in the medical device and diagnostic community.
  • Novation’s 2013 Innovative Technology Supplier of the Year. Novation members selected the ILUMIEN™ PCI Optimization system based on their experience using the technology to deliver improved patient outcomes. 
  • PM360 Trailblazer Award—Medical Device Manufacturer of the Year Award. The accolade was presented at the annual Trailblazer Awards Gala in 2015 and was awarded based on St. Jude Medical’s commitment to innovation, talent development and social responsibility, as well as its ability to stand out in the complex health care environment.