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Challenge Everything

We are committed to building meaningful health care solutions. That means we challenge the status quo.

Share Your Ideas With Us

We value collaboration that leads to innovation. If you have an idea you would like to share with us, please read this page carefully before submitting the form below. 

We will give submissions made through this website thoughtful review and consideration in light of our goal: to provide innovative solutions that reduce the economic burden of costly diseases on health care systems and provide improved outcomes for patients. In addition, we will only consider submissions related to our areas of focus and related commitments:

  • Cardiac arrhythmias—providing solutions across the spectrum
  • Heart failure—reducing patient hospitalizations
  • Cardiovascular disease—providing tools to make better treatment decisions
  • Structural heart—providing quality catheter and surgical treatment options
  • Chronic pain—multiple options for earlier and durable pain relief
  • Movement disorders—improving patients’ quality of life

Idea submission process

We can only review ideas for which you have received a patent or applied for a patent. If you have not yet received a patent or filed a patent application, please do so before sharing any information with us. If you have an invention but do not have a patent or have not yet applied for a patent, we encourage you to consult a patent attorney for professional advice. Please email us with any questions about this policy. If you do contact us, please do not send any confidential information.

By sharing of your idea with St. Jude Medical, St. Jude Medical is not intending to receive any patent, trademark, or copyright rights that you now have or may obtain covering your idea. However, before you submit your idea to St. Jude Medical, we suggest that you consult a patent attorney for professional advice.

By completing the form below and submitting your nonconfidential information to us, you acknowledge that you understand the above information.

In addition, before sharing your idea with us, it is important that you understand the following: 

You must file for or hold a patent

In order to facilitate our initial review of your idea, all information that you send us must be strictly nonconfidential. Information shared now will not be submitted in confidence, and any disclosures or discussions regarding your idea should be without expectation that we will keep them a secret. Moreover, the only nonconfidential information that you may send to us must be affirmatively covered in your already-filed patent application or issued patent. 

In order to share your idea with us, you must either:

  • Solely and exclusively own the idea or
  • Hold sufficient authority in or to the idea

You must also be legally free to disclose the idea and to convey all applicable intellectual property rights in and to the idea to us without encumbrance. 

If we decide to pursue your idea, a nondisclosure agreement will be signed by you and our representative, after which point you may share appropriate confidential information with us. 

You are free to submit your idea to other parties. However, we request that you not disclose that we are reviewing your idea. In addition, please keep all communications with us confidential. 

Submit your idea

Please submit a nonconfidential summary of your idea using the form provided (see below). Once we receive the nonconfidential disclosure of your idea, we will log your idea into our system and our internal review process will begin. 

One of our representatives will contact you to discuss next steps regarding the review of your idea. 

Please note that many factors influence whether your idea will make its way to the marketplace, including the technical risks involved, the amount of investment capital required and the time to market. 

Filed or Issued Patent Innovation Form

This form is designated for the provision of only nonconfidential information to be used in the evaluation of your early-stage product concept.

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St. Jude Medical is under no obligation to use any inventions submitted by inventors from outside the company, and the decision whether or not to pursue an invention disclosure is within the complete discretion of St. Jude Medical. St. Jude Medical is under no obligation to return or preserve any materials or data submitted, to reveal to you any information relating to the invention, or to provide any explanation for whatever decision St. Jude Medical reaches with respect to the invention. St. Jude Medical and its officers, board members, employees, agents, consultants, and the like are released from all liability not based upon valid intellectual property rights now owned or later acquired and disclaim any and all rights and obligations, both express and implied, relating to your invention. By submitting your information using this form, you are consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of such information by St. Jude Medical in accordance with our privacy policy.