Neurostimulator Battery

Your neurostimulator contains a battery. How long the battery lasts depends on your programs and settings and whether the battery is rechargeable. When your battery begins to run low, your doctor will recommend that you replace your neurostimulator because the batteries are not removable from the system.

St. Jude Medical offers systems with rechargeable and recharge-free batteries. The type of system that you receive is based on your lifestyle, pain pattern, power requirements and willingness to maintain a charging routine.

Rechargeable batteries

A rechargeable neurostimulator contains a battery that needs to be recharged regularly in order to maintain effective therapy. Because the battery can be recharged, it lasts longer than a non-rechargeable system.

If you have a rechargeable system, you will need to determine a good charging routine. Consider a routine that is convenient yet maintains effective therapy. A daily recharge routine can reduce the time it takes to recharge the battery and extend the life of the generator.

Recharge-free batteries

A recharge-free neurostimulator contains a battery that does not need to be recharged. How long a recharge-free system lasts depends on its settings and how often it is used. A recharge-free system requires less effort to maintain than a rechargeable system.