Getting a Replacement System

Getting a Replacement Neurostimulator

At some point, your doctor will need to replace your neurostimulator. It may need to be replaced because the battery is running low, or your doctor may recommend a replacement for other reasons. Your doctor is the best resource for information about replacing your neurostimulator. Take our short assessment to see if you're getting the most out of your current neurostimulation system.

Assess Your Current System

Consider new technology

When it is time for a replacement, you may be able to replace your existing neurostimulator or system with one that has upgradable technology or is safe for MRI within approved parameters, depending on which devices are available in your area.

When talking about a replacement neurostimulation system with your doctor, be sure to ask if there is a new system that may be right for you.

Replacement procedure

The procedure to have your neurostimulator replaced is usually shorter than your original implantation. This is because your doctor will remove your neurostimulator, but leave the leads (wires) in place and connect them to your new neurostimulator.