Getting the Most Out of Your System

Adjusting to Life With Your Neurostimulation System

While many people find that living with a neurostimulation system takes little time or effort, you may need to develop some new habits as you adjust to life with your new system. 

Recharging your system

Some neurostimulation systems are rechargeable and others are not. If you have a rechargeable system, you will need to charge it regularly. To charge the generator, you will use the charging system that you received on the day of your implant procedure. The charging system is portable and allows you to move around while you are using it.

Having your system adjusted

As you recover from the procedure and your body heals, you may need to have your system adjusted to get the best possible stimulation. Initially, you may need to visit your doctor more frequently to find the right settings for you. Later, you should only need appointments for minor adjustments and check-ups. If you experience problems with your stimulation, however, you should tell your doctor.