Adam’s Chronic Pain Story

Adam’s Chronic Pain Story

“God, please don’t let me die; God, please don’t let me die.”

That is what Adam kept repeating to himself when his parachute did not deploy correctly and he came crashing down to earth. A veteran of more than 1,000 parachute jumps, the former U.S. Army officer and Golden Knights parachutist was skydiving while on leave in 2006. When his parachute did not “square” correctly, Adam hit the ground in excess of 45 miles per hour. “I hit the ground so hard that my helmet and shoes flew off, and I eventually landed 20 feet from the original place I hit,” says Adam.

He spent six weeks in a coma, and his doctors originally did not expect him to survive. Fortunately, the young army officer did survive, and he spent the next two years undergoing surgeries and physical therapy. "The pain was so bad that it took me a year to learn how to walk again,” says Adam. "I was constantly in pain." 

Adam’s doctor believed he was a good candidate for neurostimulation, and Adam was willing to do anything to get out of pain. But before he made a decision, he asked his doctor about the benefits and risks associated with neurostimulation. (Risks associated with the procedure and/or use of a neurostimulation system include infection, swelling, bruising, undesirable changes in stimulation, and the loss of strength or use in an affected limb or muscle group. For a complete list of possible complications associated with neurostimulation, refer to this important safety information.)

Adam decided to try neurostimulation, and in the fall of 2008, he received a neurostimulation system to manage chronic pain of the trunk and limbs. Since the successful procedure, Adam has been thrilled to regain control of his life. He is active and exercising again; he has also started studying for his law degree. “The neurostimulator has been amazing,” adds Adam. “The results have been incredible. It has given me my life back.”

Consult your doctor to discuss the risks and benefits of neurostimulation and determine if this therapy is right for you. The story above explains the experiences of an individual who has received a neurostimulation system to manage chronic pain of the trunk and/or limbs. These results with neurostimulation are specific to this individual. While most patients experience at least some reduction in pain, the amount of pain relief that individuals experience varies. The surgical placement and use of a neurostimulation system pose risks, the occurrence of which also varies by individual.