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If you live with chronic pain and would like to learn about spinal cord stimulation, we can help you find an expert in diagnosing and treating people like you.

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Do you have difficult-to-treat chronic pain in specific areas like your foot, knee, hip or groin? Dorsal root ganglion therapy may help. Find a DRG pain specialist near you.

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Neurostimulation Systems for Chronic Pain

St. Jude Medical offers safe, effective neurostimulation therapies to help you find relief from your chronic pain. Neurostimulation is a pain management therapy proven to be effective for many chronic pain sufferers.1

How neurostimulation works

Neurostimulation works by intercepting pain signals before they reach the brain. To do this, a small system is implanted within your body that stimulates nerves along the spinal cord. The stimulation changes the way your body perceives pain. At any time, the implant can be removed and you can try other pain relief options.

Types of neurostimulation therapies

Depending on which area of your body is experiencing chronic pain, your doctor may prescribe a specific type of neurostimulation therapy:

  • Spinal cord stimulation (SCS), may be prescribed for chronic pain that is broadly felt in the back, arm and/or legs. St. Jude Medical offers a new kind of neurostimulation therapy called BurstDR™ stimulation that is proven superior over tonic stimulation.2,3
  • Dorsal root ganglion (DRG) therapy may be prescribed for pain that is limited to a specific area of the body that starts in a lower part of the body (e.g., foot, knee, hip and groin) following an injury or surgical procedure and grows worse over time. DRG therapy is offered exclusively by St. Jude Medical.

Only a doctor or pain specialist can determine if you are a candidate for neurostimulation and which type of therapy is right for you. If you have been living with chronic pain and your current pain relief therapies are not working, talk to your doctor to see if neurostimulation may be an option.

Learn more about spinal cord stimulation (SCS) or dorsal root ganglion (DRG) therapy from a St. Jude Medical representative by contacting us

The St. Jude Medical commitment to safe and effective chronic pain management

The remarkable story of the first implantable cardiac pacemaker is embedded in St. Jude Medical’s history, and today, St. Jude Medical is once again demonstrating our commitment to revolutionizing health care solutions. Below are examples of our innovation in neurostimulation systems for the management of chronic pain.

Proclaim™ Elite Recharge-free SCS System

Learn more about the Proclaim™ Elite Recharge-free SCS system, a recharge-free SCS system for chronic pain that is MR Conditional and approved for full-body MRI scans within approved parameters.

Prodigy MRI™ SCS System

Learn more about the Prodigy MRI™ SCS system, a rechargeable spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system for chronic pain.

St. Jude Medical™ Invisible Trial System

Learn more about our trial system, which offers an intuitive way to see if spinal cord stimulation (SCS) therapy is right for you.

Axium™ Neurostimulator DRG System

Learn more about the Axium™ Neurostimulator DRG system, which offers dorsal root ganglion (DRG) therapy for targeted pain relief.


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