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Find an SCS
Pain Specialist

If you live with chronic pain and would like to learn about spinal cord stimulation, we can help you find an expert in diagnosing and treating people like you.

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Find a DRG
Pain Specialist

Do you have difficult-to-treat chronic pain in specific areas like your foot, knee, hip or groin? Dorsal root ganglion therapy may help. Find a DRG pain specialist near you.

Education Opportunities

Patient Stories

Read stories of patients with chronic pain and how neurostimulation therapy helped them.

Chronic Pain FAQs

If you have been diagnosed with chronic pain and are considering neurostimulation therapy to manage your pain, you may have questions. 

You can also find answers to chronic pain FAQs in:

Questions about neurostimulation therapy

Questions about trying a neurostimulation system

Questions about receiving an implanted system


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