Our DBS System

Live Your Best Life

Medical technology continues to advance, developing more effective therapy options for movement disorders. This means that you have new alternatives to struggling with recurring, uncontrollable symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (PD) or essential tremor (ET). After consulting with your physician, you may learn that one alternative for living your best life may be the St. Jude Medical Infinity™ DBS system.

DBS therapy improved PD patients good quality “on time” (periods of symptom control) for most waking hours1 and without dyskinesias versus medication alone.2 ET patients had improved overall quality of life.3

A solution to fuel your independence

Complex interactions of chemicals and neural pathways in your brain cause your involuntary movements. The St. Jude Medical Infinity™ DBS system for PD or ET can help you regain your independence from these uncontrolled symptoms.1-3 It offers a DBS therapy experience that is personalized and discreet—to fit into your lifestyle so you can focus on living the life you want.

The St. Jude Medical commitment to safe and effective symptom management

The remarkable story of the first implantable cardiac pacemaker is embedded in St. Jude Medical’s history, and today, people like you who live with ongoing, uncontrolled symptoms of PD and ET inspire us to continue to innovate.

St. Jude Medical Infinity™ DBS system

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See about the risks of DBS therapy and important safety information for the St. Jude Medical Infinity™ DBS system.

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