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Patient talking to a doctor
Patient talking to a doctor

If you live with a movement disorder such as Parkinson’s disease or essential tremor, deep brain stimulation (DBS) may help. If you would like to learn more or think you might be a candidate for DBS therapy, we can help you find a doctor or clinic specializing in treating people with movement disorders. Just enter your location and click Search.

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The listing of movement disorders specialists is compiled by St. Jude Medical™ as a reference tool for locating certain doctors. All the doctors listed have experience with St. Jude Medical neurostimulation products, and none of them paid or received a fee to be listed there. This database may not include all physicians who use or have used St. Jude Medical products. Similarly, this database does not include all physicians who treat movement disorders or provide deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy. St. Jude Medical does not verify or monitor the license, credentials or qualifications of any physician listed in the database and is not responsible for the medical advice of the physicians included in this database. The decision whether, and when, to contact a physician is yours alone. When choosing a physician, we encourage you to weigh various factors, such as level of experience, educational background, personal rapport and local proximity. By accessing and using the Movement Disorder Specialist Locator database, you agree that you understand the information set forth above.

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