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Customer Service
Customer Service

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Not our customer yet?

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Ordering Support

Do you need to place an order or check on your order’s status?
Do you want to become a new customer or update your customer information?
Do you want information about digital ordering via the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?
Do you need remit to/accounting information?

We are here to help with product orders

Technical Support

Do you have technical questions about a product?
Are you experiencing a product-related problem?

Our specialized technical teams can help 

Capital Services Support

Do you have equipment that needs service?
Are you interested in optimizing your current lab?
Are you looking to build a new and fully integrated lab?

Our capital service experts can assist you

Product Security

We have a team dedicated to responding to general product security questions and product security vulnerability reporting.

Learn more about our commitment to cybersecurity

Product manuals

Product Manuals

Search and save product manuals (Instructions for Use).

Already an EDI customer

Already an EDI customer?

We can save you time by sending you the most up-to-date catalog information about the products you order. Submit a data scrub request.

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We partner with industry leader GHX to streamline ordering and invoicing.