Integrated Lab Portfolio

 St. Jude Medical Integrated Lab™

Portfolio Overview

  • Integrating easily into your existing workflow
  • Improving intralab connectivity
  • Addressing multiple therapeutic procedures
  • Improving efficiencies and reducing related health care costs1

A Whole-Systems Approach Equals Future Success

You need the most comprehensive and advanced technologies available to meet complex patient and operational needs. Abbott offers you cutting-edge innovation designed for seamless connection and integration.

Enhancing Efficiency Through Today’s Most Advanced Innovations 

In addition to the portfolio products listed above, the St. Jude Medical Integrated Lab™ is comprised of the following products:

EnSite™ Courier™ Module
A networking application to easily save and retrieve data from the hospital network
WorkMate™ Unity™ Module 
For seamless storage and retrieval of patient and procedure data on the hospital PACS, hospital file server or other HL-7 compliant data stores
EnSite™ Derexi™ Module
Designed to improve lab efficiencies through shared data
WorkMate™ Scribe™ Module
A nurse’s workstation for efficient and comprehensive data management
EP-4™ Cardiac Stimulator
For integrated cardiac pacing and recording capabilities
Ampere™ RF Ablation Generator 
Setting new EP standards with more user control and customization
VantageView™ System
An integrated viewing system to display up to eight video images in one high-definition monitor

Comparing Labs

Nonintegrated lab: Inefficient workflow and substandard care

While an EP lab with products from multiple manufacturers may create a working system, that system may not address the needs of your lab as a whole, or of your institution. A nonintegrated lab offers several significant drawbacks:

  • Poor physical, data-sharing and visual integration 
  • System noise due to complex setup
  • Additional costs and service
  • Tripping hazards caused by excess cabling
  • Individual equipment suppliers with their own service and support plans can impede continuity of care and workflow


St. Jude Medical Integrated Lab™ for seamless integration in the cath labIntegrated lab: Effective workflow and optimized care

A holistic approach better addresses your needs by providing:

  • Advanced individual technologies linked to one another 
  • Easy set up with less system noise 
  • Sharing of procedural data, avoiding duplication of effort and potential data errors 
  • Organized and neat cabling, which reduces tripping hazards for busy personnel 
  • Lab downtime reduction by offering expert technical and clinical support services from a single trusted partner
  • Open platform design to accommodate clinical preferences

Learn how we can support your current or future integrated lab with our expert capital services.

A Single Platform to Capture all Your Lab Data

When your lab cannot integrate data, systems within the lab and throughout the hospital cannot share critical information about your patient procedures. This can slow down patient care and clinic efficiency.

With the St. Jude Medical Integrated Lab™, you have the ability to integrate technologies and improve workflow to meet complex patient needs.
St. Jude Medical Integrated Lab™ A Single Platform to Capture all Your Lab Data
Clinician in operating room

Clinical Evidence

Our integrated lab addresses the clinical challenges that you will face—not only today, but also tomorrow. Our clinical studies demonstrate: 

  • The EnSite Precision™ cardiac mapping system helps you map even the most complex arrhythmia cases through a high level of automation, flexibility and precision.2-4,* Designed to enhance VT mapping with automated, advanced morphology matching capabilities,2,3 EnSite Precision cardiac mapping system creates faster, more accurate maps with greater consistency across cases.2-4,*

See clinical evidence


Automated. Flexible. Precise.

We designed the EnSite Precision™ cardiac mapping system to:

  • Transform procedures with intuitive automation,2,3 since advanced mapping is complex
  • Expand procedural options using superior flexibility,2,3 since EP procedures are unpredictable
  • Effectively manage patients through greater precision,*,6 since patients are unique and you need precision you can rely on

Abbott is committed to helping you find creative solutions in today’s changing health care climate.


EnSite Precision™ Cardiac Mapping System
Drawing of heart diagram with parts of the heart labeled a-i

A Leader in the Advancement of Cardiac Arrhythmia Management

At Abbott, we provide a full range of electrophysiology (EP) and cardiac rhythm management (CRM) solutions designed to enable diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias and streamline workflows. We offer therapy solutions to help you improve patient management for various arrhythmias, from the less serious to the most frequently fatal.

Learn more about our approach to cardiac arrhythmia management.


*For greater precision vs. 1.0-robot testing.
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