Hemostasis Management Portfolio

Side view of bioabsorable Angio-Seal™ Evolution™ vascular closure device for sealing the arteriotomy

Portfolio Overview

  • Designed for efficient and reliable vascular closure
  • Reducing complications and hospital stays for greater patient satisfaction1-6 
  • Increasing lab efficiencies so you can treat more patients5,7-11

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Achieve effective results with Angio-Seal™ vascular closure devices. 

Angio-Seal™ Vascular Closure Device Webinar 

Listen to interventional cardiologist Dr. Tareq Khawaja discuss how vascular closure with an Angio-Seal™ vascular closure device has been shown to provide a range of clinical benefits compared with manual compression. The webinar also explores how Angio-Seal devices add value by enhancing procedural efficiency, minimizing costs and improving patient satisfaction. 

View the introduction here, and then watch more chapters.

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