Spinal Cord Stimulation Portfolio

Proclaim™ Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) Platform with Bluetooth® technology

Portfolio Overview

  • Featuring proprietary BurstDR™ stimulation,* proven to provide superior relief from pain and suffering** associated with chronic pain, compared to tonic stimulation1,2
  • Offering a comprehensive portfolio of BurstDR stimulation-enabled, MR Conditional, rechargeable and recharge-free SCS systems
  • Improving the patient experience with Invisible Therapy™—allowing patients to focus on their lives instead of their pain

Discover BurstDR™ stimulation

Revolutionizing neurostimulation therapy

Graphic showing the difference between tonic stimulation and BurstDR stimulation

A Better Response, Naturally

By emulating natural firing patterns in the brain, BurstDR stimulation is believed to effectively modulate both the sensory and emotional pathways in the brain—giving your patients relief from both their pain and the suffering** associated with their pain.1-3 Learn more about the science behind BurstDR stimulation in two of our featured products: 

Proclaim™ Elite recharge-free SCS system
Prodigy MRI™ implantable pulse generator

Mean difference between BurstDR VAS and Tonic VAS

Superior Relief From Pain and Suffering**

Available only from St. Jude Medical, BurstDR stimulation has been proven to provide superior pain relief from overall pain and a reduction in back and leg pain, as compared to tonic stimulation.1,2

See clinical evidence 

Prodigy MRI™ SCS System

The Prodigy MRI™ SCS System features an MR Conditional implantable pulse generator (IPG) with both Burst and tonic stimulation, providing more patients with an opportunity for maximum therapy effectiveness. Implanting a Prodigy MRI™ IPG gives patients, who may require an MRI, access to Burst technology—a proven, patient preferred option to manage chronic pain.1,2 

Learn more about the Prodigy MRI™ SCS system.

Prodigy MRI™ Implantable Pulse Generator with Burst Technology for management of chronic pain
Two systems. Shared technology. One first-of-its-kind platform.

Invisible Therapy™ for a Better Patient Experience

The Proclaim™ Elite SCS system—along with BurstDR stimulation—offers your patients the advantages of Invisible Therapy™, allowing them to focus on their lives instead of their pain through: 

  • A recharge-free device 
  • Reduced or no paresthesia1,2 
  • Familiar, wireless Apple mobile digital devices

Contact your St. Jude Medical representative to see how we can help you and your practice bring the benefits of SCS to more patients.

Learn more about the St. Jude Medical™ Invisible Trial System and the Proclaim™ Elite SCS system.

Transforming the Treatment of Chronic Pain

At St. Jude Medical, our patient-focused approach to pain management is inspired by the care needs and challenges of patients with chronic pain. We offer the broadest range of therapies across the continuum of care to help physicians like you tailor your approach. Our investments in research, technology and partnerships can improve therapy outcomes and increase treatment options.

Partner with us to treat patients with customized therapies and transform the lives of more patients suffering from chronic pain. 

Learn more about our approach to chronic pain.

Diagrammed drawing of the lumbar vertebrae (lower spinal cord)

* BurstDR™ neurostimulation, exclusively from St. Jude Medical, is also referred to as Burst stimulation in clinical literature.
** Pain and suffering as measured by VAS.
***Within approved MRI scan conditions.
Apple is a trademark of Apple, Inc.
1. St. Jude Medical. (2016). St. Jude Medical™ Proclaim™ Neurostimulation System Clinician’s Manual. Plano, TX.
2. St. Jude Medical. (2016). St. Jude Medical™ Prodigy™ Neurostimulation System Programming and Reference Manual. Plano, TX.
3. De Ridder, D., Vanneste, S., Plazier, M., & Vancamp, T. (2015). Mimicking the brain: Evaluation of St. Jude Medical’s Prodigy Chronic Pain System with Burst Technology. Expert Review of Medical Devices,12(2), 143-150. http://dx.doi.org/10.1586/17434440.2015.985652

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