Advanced Technology Centers

St. Jude Medical Advanced Technology Centers

Experience personalized programs focused on gaining skills and confidence with our products

Our goal is to provide health care professionals with comprehensive and customized training on advanced technologies. Using practical and didactic training methods, physicians are able to increase their comfort level with the new technology to enhance case efficiency.

We have designed our Advanced Technology Centers (ATCs) to enhance and expand health care professionals’ knowledge and experience through:

  • Integrated and customized training on our advanced technologies 
  • Hands-on experience with our comprehensive disease-management solutions
  • Access to subject matter experts and company leaders
  • Technology suites and classrooms to facilitate discussion and shared learning

These facilities are located in Austin, Texas; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Sylmar, California. Contact your St. Jude Medical sales representative to request a visit.

St. Jude Medical Integrated Lab™

St. Jude Medical Advanced Technology CenterOur centers feature the St. Jude Medical Integrated Lab™, a unique realistic environment that enables professionals to interact with our products and technology and to simulate patient procedures under the guidance of our experts. You have the opportunity to experience the technology in a no-risk environment and envision how our products can integrate into your practice. In addition, health care administrators can see firsthand how our integrated product portfolios and product families can improve patient outcomes and workflow efficiency, as well as potentially reduce health care costs.

Advanced Technology Center programs

Each session offers personalized hands-on training and didactic learning to meet your goals while emphasizing control, safety and clinical application of our products. Through skills-based training, we can help you get more comfortable with St. Jude Medical's latest technology to help enhance clinical and workflow efficiency.

Customized educational visit

A customized educational visit (CEV) is an experience tailored to your needs and interests. Your St. Jude Medical representative will work with you to plan a visit that may include:

  • Hands-on experience in the Integrated Lab
  • Access to technology-specific resources
  • Discussions and hands-on experience with our technology across multiple disease areas
  • Exposure to premier subject-matter experts and St. Jude Medical leaders

Visits can be customized to a team, such as a physician and an administrator, to address procedural and economic perspectives and to provide first-hand experience with the technology.

CEVs are available in Austin and Plano, Texas; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Sylmar, California. Contact your representative for more details.


Visitors to our ATCs can use a combination of precision simulators and one-on-one personalized training on our products to bridge the gap between education and real-life experience. Simulations can mimic a procedural environment while providing hands-on exposure to St. Jude Medical's latest technologies, procedures and techniques. Specific simulations include cardiac lead implantation, supraventricular ablation, structural heart procedures and transseptal procedures. 

Hands-on training

Hands-on training, including programming workshops, systems operation, electrode manipulation and heart dissection wet labs, provide electrophysiologists, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons with a skills-focused opportunity to increase confidence during cardiac procedures.

Didactic learning

A distinguished faculty of physicians, experienced clinical instructors and St. Jude Medical employees lead our Advanced Technology Center programs. They use clinical evidence and case studies to provoke discussions, provide insight and present advancements in disease management and therapy delivery. In addition, you have the opportunity to connect with internal subject-matter experts and company leaders.

Disease-state education

Our product portfolios are built around solutions—how can we optimally manage and treat epidemic diseases? When you visit our ATCs, you can learn about our comprehensive approach to disease management in these areas:

  • Heart failure
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Structural heart
  • Vascular
  • Chronic pain

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