Advanced SCS Cases and Procedures

Advanced SCS Cases and Procedures

Neuromodulation Fellows Courses 2016-2017

February 07, 2018


This webinar course is designed to present best practices, management options and considerations for complicated patient pathology and/or symptomology. The featured speaker will present four case scenarios depicting advanced case challenges. Integrated topics covered in the case presentations will include: diagnostic options, patient selection, the role of the psychological evaluation, SCS product selection and application, trial challenges, interpretation of the trial, implant challenges, revisions, referral for revision and long-term patient care of the difficult patient. The presenter will correlate the St. Jude Medical™ technology and product applications for each of the difficult case representation. At the conclusion of the webinar, a local key opinion leader physician will facilitate a roundtable discussion regarding the topics covered in the webinar.

For details about start time and local participating venues, contact your St. Jude Medical representative or email fellows manager Lynn Newman.