Neuromodulation 201

Neuromodulation 201

Neuromodulation Fellows Courses 2016-2017

November 11 - 12, 2017

Dallas, TX

This two-day program is designed for fellows who are committed to pain management and the practical applications of spinal cord stimulation (SCS) after completion of their fellowship. Program objectives include providing attendees a better understanding of the advanced clinical applications of neuromodulation, as well as providing a basic understanding of the principles that support spinal cord stimulation. The latest FDA-approved or cleared St. Jude Medical™ neuromodulation therapy solutions and clinical evidence will be presented to support the incorporation of this treatment for better patient outcomes. While learning the science behind the modality, each fellow will be exposed to the operations side of pain management with neuromodulation. Finally, fellows will learn about the St. Jude Medical™ radiofrequency ablation technologies and clinical applications.

Audience: fellows engaged in pain management fellowships and involved in care of patients with chronic pain who expect to utilize spinal cord stimulation as a viable treatment option in the pain care algorithm.

For more information, contact your St. Jude Medical representative or email fellows manager Lynn Newman.