Training Philosophy

Abbott Fellowship Training Philosophy

Our fellowship training philosophy is simple: we want to provide you support throughout a continuum of learning. We provide training programs led by expert faculty that help build upon fundamental concepts and hands-on skills. We provide opportunities for fellows to observe and work with our latest products, including the chance to use advanced simulation technology. 

Infographic shows relationship of knowledge acquisition, knowledge application, and career driven

Program approaches

Longitudinal learning

Clinical/procedural skill set development beyond our national program is done regionally and/or locally.

Evidence-based content

Knowledge acquired through real-world, scientifically proven, peer-reviewed data and/or actual case presentations.

Tiered career progression

Program development specific to the fellows’ or residents’ timeline in training.

Physician created

Utilization of faculty from academic centers with exceptional presentational skills, passion for teaching, clinical reputation and curriculum development experience.

Physician produced

Top educators and program director advisory panels have helped to design learning pathways to advance necessary skill sets and achieve desired endpoints for improved knowledge acquisition and application.