Professional Education

Training and Education for Physicians and Other Health Care Professionals

Our professional education programs provide opportunities for health care professionals to better develop procedural efficiency and better serve their patients.

Topics include the safe and effective use of our products; procedural, clinical and economic efficiencies; and clinical practice management. Program topics reflect our priorities:

  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Heart failure management
  • Vascular disease
  • Structural heart disease
  • Chronic pain
  • Movement disorders

Our offerings are designed to:

  • Increase technical competence with our products
  • Develop best clinical practices
  • Fulfill training requirements for new technologies

These therapy-specific, physician-led programs use a variety of instructional methods. Contact your Abbott representative to learn more about programs geared towards your focus or specialty.

Program methodology

Didactic: Health care professionals learn from a distinguished faculty of physicians and experienced clinical instructors, as well as have opportunities to meet with subject matter experts and company leaders. Programs utilize clinical evidence and case studies to stimulate discussions, provide insights and present advancements in disease management and therapy delivery.

Hands-on: Hands-on training provides skills-focused opportunities to help increase confidence during procedures. Training may include programming workshops, systems operation, lead placement, catheter manipulation, preclinical labs and heart dissection wet labs.

Live-case observation: An interactive environment with experienced users, a live-case observational program may cover best practices, patient selection, procedural workflow, lab setup, staff training, avoiding and managing complications and more.

Online learning: Health care professionals can choose from a number of online offerings as well, including courses, recorded webinars and presentations on specific topics and technologies. These programs can be conveniently accessed at any time. Select one of the following specialty areas:

Heart failure management

Cardiac rhythm management and electrophysiology

Structural heart



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