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Featured Defibrillation and Pacing Leads

Designed for improved outcomes

We are the only company to use Optim™ lead insulation, the first and only chemical co-polymer designed specifically for cardiac leads. It is available across our entire lead portfolio and most notably in our Durata™ and Optisure™ defibrillation leads. 

The leads featured here represent solutions with our latest technologies. You can find more leads, including left-heart leads, and additional cardiac rhythm management products in our full product catalog.

Defibrillation Leads

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Structural highlights of the Durata™ Defibrillation Lead, the smallest ICD lead available today

Durata™ Defibrillation Lead

Our Durata™ defibrillation leads, with their small size and smooth Optim™ insulation, are designed to perform in challenging vasculature.

Optisure™ defibrillation lead with additional Optim insulation at the proximal end

Optisure™ Defibrillation Lead

Built on the clinical performance of the Durata™ defibrillation lead, the Optisure™ defibrillation lead is designed for high-performance handling and control during implant.

Pacing Leads

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Tendril MRI™ lead with soft silicone tip design for cardiac arrhythmia management

Tendril MRI™ Pacing Lead

Pair the Tendril MRI™ pacing lead with the Assurity MRI™ pacemaker for compatibility with full-body, 1.5T MRI scans. The Tendril MRI lead uses Optim™ insulation for durability and smooth deliverability.

Tendril™ STS pacing lead for minimal risk of lead abrasion and long-term durability

Tendril™ STS Pacing Lead

Our Tendril™ STS pacing leads use soft silicone tip technology that offers more compliance and less lead tip pressure, as well as Optim™ insulation for durability and smooth deliverability.