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Mapping and Visualization

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Featured Mapping and Visualization Products

Precise modeling and mapping 

Our cardiac mapping system is the centerpiece of the St. Jude Medical Integrated Lab™. Its next-generation features help you undertake complex, advanced mapping by providing precise information—so you can make sound decisions quickly.

The mapping system featured here represents a solution with our latest technologies. You can find expansion modules, integrated products and other electrophysiology products in our full product catalog.


Cardiac Mapping System

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EnSite Precision™ Cardiac Mapping System

The EnSite Precision™ cardiac mapping system is autmoated, flexible and precise.1,2 Its open platform allows clinicians to use the catheter of their choice to quickly create high-density maps.

1. Ptaszek, L., Moon, B., Sacher, F., Jais, P., Mahapatra, S., & Mansour, M. (2015). A novel tool for mapping multiple rhythms from a single mapping procedure. Europace17(Suppl. 3), iii115.
2. Ptaszek, L., Moon, B., Mahapatra, S., & Mansour, M. (2015, November). Rapid high density automated electroanatomical mapping using multiple catheter types. Presented at the Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society Scientific Sessions, Melbourne, Australia.