Left Ventricular Assist Device

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HeartMate 3™ left ventricular assist system (LVAS) for advanced heart failure patients

HeartMate 3™ Left Ventricular Assist Device

HeartMate 3™ LVAD with Full MagLev Flow Technology is a new milestone in LVAD therapy that delivers better blood handling through meaningful innovation.*,**,1

*At the 6-month primary endpoint in the MOMENTUM 3 trial. (MOMENTUM 3 = Multicenter Study of Maglev Technology in Patients Undergoing Mehcanical Circulatory Support Therapy with HeartMate 3 LVAD.)
**As defined by zero incidence of pump thrombosis in the MOMENTUM 3 trial at 6 months.
1. Mehra, M. R., Yoshifumi, N., Uriel, N., Goldstein, D. J., Cleveland, J. C. Jr., Colombo, Paolo C., … Salerno, C. for the MOMENTUM 3 Investigators. (2016, November 16). A fully magnetically levitated circulatory pump for advanced heart failure. The New England Journal of Medicine, 376,440-50. http://dx.doi.org/10.1056/NEJMoa1610426

HeartMate II™ left ventricular assist system (LVAS) behind pocket-sized controller

HeartMate II™ Left Ventricular Assist System

The HeartMate II™ left ventricular assist system (LVAS) is designed to provide long-term circulatory support to intermediate-to-chronic heart failure patients. Its small, quiet pump features a simple design and provides blood flow equivalent to that of a healthy heart.