Mechanical Circulatory Support

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Featured Mechanical Circulatory Support Product

Designed for a range of heart failure patients 

Our mechanical circulatory support devices are designed to support a broad range of advanced heart failure patients.

HeartMate II™ LVAD, our featured left ventricular assist device, provides treatment options for both you and your patients living with advanced heart failure. The HeartMate II LVAD is indicated for both destination therapy and bridge-to-transplantation therapy in the United States, and is backed by more than 10 years of data.

The CentriMag™ acute circulatory support system is driven by Full MagLev™ flow technology for optimal hemocompatibility, delivering excellent results in the widest range of patient applications.

The mechanical circulatory support device featured here represents a solution with our latest technologies. You can find additional heart failure management products in our full product catalog

Left Ventricular Assist Device

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HeartMate II™ left ventricular assist system (LVAS) behind pocket-sized controller

HeartMate II™ Left Ventricular Assist System

The HeartMate II™ left ventricular assist system (LVAS) is designed to provide long-term circulatory support to intermediate-to-chronic heart failure patients. Its small, quiet pump features a simple design and provides blood flow equivalent to that of a healthy heart.

Acute Circulatory Support System

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CentriMag™ Acute Circulatory Support System

The CentriMag™ acute circulatory support system with Full MagLev™ flow technology delivers excellent hemocompatibility across the widest range of patient applications, and is designed to meet your individualized clinical preferences and needs.1-3

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