Mechanical Heart Valves

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Featured Mechanical Heart Valves

Valves that set the standard

Our mechanical heart valves represent decades of experience, going back to our first valve implanted in 1977. Our valve design today is based on that valve, which quickly became the gold standard. Our SJM Regent™ mechanical heart valve features a pivot-guard design, providing durability proven in more than 1.8 million implants.

The mechanical heart valves featured here represent solutions with our latest technologies. You can find other heart valves, valved grafts and additional structural heart products in our full product catalog.

Aortic and Mitral Valves

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St. Jude Medical™ Regent™ aortic prosthetic valve designed for low complication rates and durability

SJM Regent™ Mechanical Valve

The SJM Regent™ mechanical heart valve delivers exceptional hemodynamics and performance with design features that set the standard for low complication rates, structural integrity and durability.