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Featured Tissue Heart Valves

Designed for durability and performance

We offer a complete array of tissue heart valves to meet the challenges of valvular heart disease. Our aortic and mitral tissue valves feature carefully selected and treated bovine or porcine tissue configured to closely emulate human heart valves. We include features designed for durability, such as the pericardial-covering on our Trifecta™ valve, and sewing cuff designs promote secure positioning. The design of our Epic™ stented tissue valves is backed by more than 20 years of clinical data.

The tissue heart valves featured here represent solutions with our latest technologies. You can find additional tissue heart valves and structural heart products in our full product catalog.

Aortic and Mitral Tissue Valves

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Epic™ Stented Tissue Valve with Linx™ AC Technology

We have designed the Epic™ stented tissue valve with Linx™ AC technology for durability and performance; it features a proprietary anticalcification treatment.

Trifecta™ Valve with Glide™ Technology

The Trifecta™ valve with Glide™ technology shares the hemodynamic features of the Trifecta™ aortic pericardial valve and adds ease of placement for challenging anatomies and increased radiopacity for future considerations.