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Merlin@home Support

Patients who need technical support can call +1-877-MY-MERLIN (+1-877-696-3754) or contact us.

St. Jude Medical product donations

Product Donation

Physicians worldwide can request Abbott products for patients with financial need.

Resources for Your Patients

You want to provide your patients with information and resources that assure and empower them and help them live satisfying lives. We offer support with a wide range of patient-education materials that:

  • Explain our products and the disease states they are designed to treat
  • Discuss what it can mean to live with St. Jude Medical™ devices
  • Instruct patients how to set up and use personal and home equipment
  • Guide discussions with medical teams and families about topics like treatment options, recovery and rehabilitation

In addition, we offer clinic and specialist location tools so you can help connect your patients with additional professionals who know our products.


Guides, brochures and checklists for patients

Resources for:


Patient selection

 CardioMEMS™ HF System Patient Quiz

PDF HeartMate II™ LVAS Patient Referral Criteria

PDF Advanced Heart Failure Diagnostic Checklist


Additional materials

Find answers to common questions you may receive about ventricular assist devices:

 Mechanical Circulatory Support FAQ

PDF HeartMate II™ LVAS Notification Letter Template for Air Travel

PDF HeartMate II™ Pocket Controller Demonstration


Clinic/specialist finders

For your chronic pain patients

Chronic Pain Specialist and Clinic Locator: For individuals seeking a point of contact for information about our neuromodulation devices.

Pain Specialist & Clinic Locator

For your cardiac arrhythmia and heart failure patients

Heart Failure Specialist and Clinic Locator: For potential and current heart failure patients looking for clinics that support our CardioMEMS™ HF management system.

Heart Failure Specialist & Clinic Locator

Traveling Patient Clinic Locator: For cardiac arrhythmia and heart failure patients traveling in select regions (not including the United States) who need to locate clinics that support their implanted devices. We recommend patients talk with their doctors before making travel plans. 

Traveling Patient Clinic Locator 

St. Jude Medical does not endorse any of the clinics on these locators but merely provides them as a courtesy, nor does St. Jude Medical represent that this is a full list of clinics in a particular location. The clinics and specialists are included in the locators because they are experienced with or provide device support for St. Jude Medical™ devices. The directory is not meant to be an endorsement for any particular clinic and clinics may be ranked in alphabetical order or by proximity. Note that St. Jude Medical is a medical device manufacturer and cannot provide medical advice.