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Coding Resources

We have compiled the structural heart disease product coding documents and references you need most. Print, save or bookmark these resources for quick reference.

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Structural heart information

Physician and hospital coding and payment information for congenital and vascular procedures:
PDF 2018 Abbott Therapy Coding Guide: Structural Heart And Valves (260kb)

Letter template for request for prior authorization of transcatheter PFO closure:
PDF Letter of Medical Necessity—Template to Be Considered for Prior Authorization by Physicians (160kb)

Letter template for appeal of denied claim or pre-authorization of transcatheter PFO closure:
PDF Letter of Appeal—Template to Be Considered When Requesting Reconsideration of a Denied Claim or Pre-Authorization (158kb)

Summary of clinical evidence for PFO closure with the AMPLATZER™ PFO occluder:
PDF Patent Foramen Ovale Closure With the AMPLAZTER™ PFO Occluder for Secondary Stroke Reduction of Risk in Patients With Cryptogenic Stroke: Summary of Clinical Evidence (81.8kb)

Checklist of clinical documentation for diagnosis of cryptogenic ischemic stroke:
PDF Clinical Documentation Checklist: Diagnosis of Cryptogenic Ischemic Stroke (52kb)

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