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Merlin@home™ Wireless Transmitter

Model EX1150W

Product Highlights

The Merlin@home wireless transmitter is part of Merlin™ Patient Management, a suite of solutions designed to streamline your workflow, support informed clinical decisions and deliver comprehensive care.


The Merlin@home EX1150W transmitter allows efficient remote care management of patients with implanted cardiac devices through scheduled transmissions and daily alert monitoring. Physicians can complement or replace in-clinic visits with remote patient transmissions.


The transmitter is easy to set up and use with a telephone landline, cellular adaptor or broadband Internet kit. The transmitter is set up next to where patients sleep or spend more than 2 hours per day in order for the radio frequency (RF) transmitter to automatically monitor their device.


Once the device data is read, the Merlin@home wireless transmitter automatically transmits the information to the secure St. Jude Medical website,™ Patient Care Network (PCN), where the clinician can view it.


Providing patients with a Merlin@home wireless transmitter allows physicians to take advantage of some of the more advanced features of PCN, such as:

  • Daily monitoring of patients’ disease status and device performance.
  • DirectAlerts™ notification, which can alert physicians if the remote follow-up or remote monitoring reveals an episode or event about which they would like to be informed.
  • Better remote patient follow-up compliance through automatic uploads of data on the scheduled date with RF devices and transmitters.
  • Alert notifications can be received via email or smartphone/mobile devices.
  • Point-of-care pairing of transmitter to patient’s device at physician’s convenience; remote monitoring can be enabled as early as the day of implant.
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