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USB Cellular Adapter

For use with the Merlin@home™ Transmitter Model EX1151

Product Highlights

  • The USB cellular adapter attaches to any Merlin@home transmitter, enabling timely access to comprehensive data of the patient’s current disease state and implanted device status through the™ Patient Care Network (PCN)
    – Automatically searches for and connects to the cellular network
  • The USB cellular adapter is simple to install and use on any new or existing Merlin@home transmitter while maintaining the current user interface
  • The USB cellular adapter provides a reliable transmission option that allows patients and clinicians to experience the value of connectivity through the PCN

Note: actual adapters can vary per geographies. Model shown is for illustration purposes only.

USB Cellular Adapter

Ordering Information

Contents: USB Cellular Adapter

Reorder Number Dimensions (H x W x T, mm)
EX1151 65 x 25 x 13.5

Contact your local St. Jude Medical representative or Remote Care Technical Support: +46 8 474 4756 or

Indications: The USB Cellular Adapter for use with the Merlin@home™ transmitter is indicated for use by patients with supported St. Jude Medical implanted devices.

Contraindications: The USB Cellular Adapter for use with the Merlin@home™ transmitter is contraindicated for use with any implanted medical device other than supported St. Jude Medical implanted devices.

Customer Support: 46-8-474-4756

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