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CPS Direct® SL II

Slittable Outer Guide Catheter

Product Highlights

  • Reliable coronary sinus access:
    • Excellent torque transmission and soft, atraumatic tip due to braid-reinforced, multi-durometer PEBAX® design.
    • Unique SiteMark™ 3D markers provide fluoroscopic visibility to determine anterior/posterior location and verify torque transfer.
    • Six curve options to satisfy needs of various anatomies and different implanter techniques.
    • Compatible with CPS Aim® cannulators and CPS Luminary® bideflectable catheter with lumen to modify shape and extend reach if necessary.
  • Enables Direct-To-Target™ delivery to the target vein:
    • Soft, atraumatic tip with multi-durometer PEBAX shaft is designed to provide flexibility to allow advancement of the catheter deep into the coronary venous system.
    • Compatible with CPS Aim® SL inner catheters, designed to assist with branch vein subselection and left ventricular lead delivery.
  • Designed to reduce procedural steps during implant:
    • Slittable hub and integrated shaft provide smooth transition during slitting of catheter.
    • New U-channel valve bypass tool simplifies lead delivery.
    • New ergonomic slitter facilitates smooth slitting.
  • Designed for worry-free removal - catheter design features Smooth-Slit™ braiding technology and ergonomic slitter, designed to allow effortless, best-in-class cutting, minimizing the risk of lead dislodgement upon catheter removal.
CPS Direct® SL II

Ordering Information

Contents: Outer guide catheter

Reorder Number Curve Length (cm) Working Length (cm) Overall Diameter (F) Inner Diameter (F) Outer
DS2C001 Straight 47 50.7 7 9
DS2C002 115º 47 50.7 7 9
DS2C003 135º 47 50.7 7 9
DS2C004 Wide 47 50.7 7 9
DS2C005 X-Wide 47 50.7 7 9
DS2C006 Right Side 47 50.7 7 9
DS2C011 Straight 54 57.7 7 9
DS2C012 115º 54 57.7 7 9
DS2C013 135º 54 57.7 7 9
DS2C014 Wide 54 57.7 7 9
DS2C015 X-Wide 54 57.7 7 9

PEBAX is a registered trademark of Arkema.


Brief Summary: Prior to using these devices, please review the User’s Manual for a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse events and directions for use.

Indications: The St. Jude Medical CPS Direct® SL II slittable outer guide catheter is designed for intracardiac access of the venous system of the heart and to serve as a conduit during implantation for the delivery of contrast medium and St. Jude Medical devices (including implantable left heart leads and delivery tools), and support of fluids where minimizing blood loss is essential. In addition, CPS Direct® SL II slittable outer guide catheters can work with inner catheters as a system.

Potential Adverse Events: As with any catheterization procedure, potential complications include thromboembolism, local and systemic infection, bleeding or hematoma at the puncture site, vascular dissection or perforation, cardiac perforation, and cardiac tamponade.

Please review the Instructions for Use prior to using these devices for a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse events and directions for use.

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