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CPS Excel, MediGuide Enabled

MediGuide Enabled Guidewire*
MODELS DS2M027, DS2M028, DS2M029

Product Highlights

  • CPS Excel, MediGuide Enabled guidewires are designed to aid in subselection of the target coronary branch vein and to provide support to facilitate delivery of the left ventricular lead. CPS Excel, MediGuide Enabled guidewires contain an electromagnetic sensor at the distal end of the guidewire, allowing it to be tracked without additional fluoroscopy when using MediGuideTechnology. CPS Excel guidewires are compatible with other products (both MediGuide Enabled and non-MediGuide Enabled) in the St. Jude Medical Cardiac Positioning System (CPS®) family, an intercompatible system of tools designed to deliver the left-heart lead to your first-choice destination.
  • Transitionless Profile
    • CPS Excel guidewires feature a smooth profile core and soft tip without noticeable transitions
    • Smooth profile is designed to facilitate easy lead movement while tracking over the guidewire
    • Transitionless design provides a smooth surface for reliable advancement into the target branch vein
  • Wide Range of Distal Support
    • Three CPS Excel, MediGuide Enabled guidewires models are available, providing options for a variety of anatomies and wire handling techniques:

— Soft, designed to enable extra finesse and maneuverability during subselection

— Medium, designed as a balanced wire for both subselection and tracking performance

 — Extra Firm, the most supportive model, designed to straighten tortuous vessels and support lead delivery

  • Hydrophilic Coating and Polymer Jacket
    • CPS Excel guidewires have been designed with a hydrophilic coating
      to reduce fluid resistance and improve gliding performance
    • Polymer jacket provides guidewires with additional fluidity of movement
      during coronary venous anatomy navigation
  • CPS Excel, MediGuide Enabled guidewires connect to the MediGuide system using a MediGuide® guidewire connector. The guidewire connector, together with the MediGuide® extension cable allow for unobstructed guidewire manipulation and easy connect-disconnect within the sterile field.
CPS Excel<sup>™</sup>, MediGuide Enabled<sup>™</sup>

Ordering Information

Reorder Number Firmness Units per Box Length (cm) Diameter Coating Tip Support Level
DS2M027 Soft 1 195 cm 0.014” Polymer, hydrophilic Preshaped Light support
DS2M028 Medium 1 195 cm 0.014” Polymer, hydrophilic Preshaped Medium support
DS2M029 Extra Firm 1 195 cm 0.014” Polymer, hydrophilic Preshaped Most support

*MediGuide Enabled delivery tools are 510(K) Pending


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