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SJM™ Peel-Away Introducer

23 cm Sheath
7 F – 14 F

Product Highlights

  • Proprietary materials improve insertion characteristics and reduce vessel trauma
  • Close tolerance extrusion and proprietary tipping process facilitate tracking on a guidewire
  • Reliable peeling characteristics1
  • Sheath can be totally occluded without kinking to prevent air aspiration
  • Di-Lock™ feature secures dilator in sheath during insertion

Ordering Information

Contents: SJM™ Peel-Away Sheath, Di-Lock™ Dilator, and 80 cm Guidewire with 3 mm “J” (10 units per box)

Reorder Number French Size Maximum Guidewire Diameter (in) Sheath Usable Length (cm)
405269 7 .038 23
405270 8 .038 23
405254 9 .038 23
SJM™ Peel-Away Introducer

Rx Only

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