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Inquiry™ Electrophysiology Catheters

4 F

Product Highlights

  • Options for anatomic variabilities
  • Multiple curve configurations for ease of placement
  • Push/pull handle for steering control
  • 1 mm band electrodes

Ordering Information

Contents: 4 F Quadripolar Steerable Diagnostic Catheters (1 unit per box)

Reorder Number Description Tip Electrode (mm) Electrode Spacing (mm) Curve Type Usable Length (cm)
81540 1104-4-25-M 1 2-5-2 Medium 110
81542 1104-4-5-M 1 5 Medium 110
81543 1104-4-25-L 1 2-5-2 Large 110
81545 1104-4-5-L 1 5 Large 110

Required Catheter Connecting Cable

Reorder Number Model Number Description Length (cm)
85953 1904-SA 4-Pin Diagnostic Connecting Cable 150
Inquiry™ Electrophysiology Catheters Quadripolar 4 F

Rx Only

Brief Summary: Please review the Instructions for Use prior to using these devices for a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse events and directions for use.


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