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Ultrasound Console

Product Highlights

  • Rapid boot-up time reduces delay in starting procedures
  • Multi-Transducer Port (MTP) - up to three transducers connected simultaneously
  • Fully charged optional battery pack offers up to two hours of cordless operation
  • 19” HD LCD with monitor mounted high-fidelity stereo speakers
  • Integrated front handle for quick vertical positioning and transport
  • 5 in (13 cm) diameter full swivel dual shock resistant front and back wheels
  • Front wheels with switchable brake and direction lock
  • Console mounted saddle bag storage bins

Ordering Information

Reorder Number Description
H701336 ViewMate™ Ultrasound Console with integrated battery pack
100042294 Transesophageal Transducer
100042295 Continuous Wave Transducer
100042741 Linear Transducer
100042293 Transthoracic Transducer
100043999 ECG Accessory Cable
D087031 ViewFlex™ Xtra ICE Catheter for ViewMate™ Ultrasound Console

Rx Only

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