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VantageView™ System

HD Monitor


The VantageView™ system is a state-of-the art high definition (HD) monitor that improves the clarity and definition of critical case information in the EP lab. By consolidating video images from multiple technologies into one centralized location, the VantageView system can simultaneously display real-time information from cardiac mapping systems, recording systems and ultrasound systems amongst others. The VantageView system also includes a convenient touch-panel interface to easily create or modify pre-set views based on user preferences.

Product Highlights

  • 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution
  • Maintains native aspect ratio of all inputs for optimal image definition
  • Digitizes all inputs for highest image clarity and color resolution
  • Easy to use Touch Panel allows customization of up to 49 pre-sets
  • Video Processing Rack minimizes excess noise
  • Patch Point Connection Boxes consolidate cabling to minimize clutter near the monitor
  • One-year initial warranty

Ordering Information

58" Quad HD monitor on stand*, two Touch Panels (one mounted bedside, one remote), Video Processing Rack, associated fiber optic hardware and cables for 16 video inputs.

Reorder Number Description
VS100001 VantageView™ System (120VAC)
A2184201 VantageView System, Secondary 58" HD Monitor with Cables (120VAC)
VantageView™ System

*Boom sold separately. Contact your St. Jude Medical sales representative for details.

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