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CPS Aim™

Slittable Inner Catheter, MediGuide Enabled™

Product Highlights

  • Built on the CPS Aim™ family of inner catheters
  • Compatible with other MediGuide Enabled™ CPS Direct™ slittable outer guide catheters, an intercompatible system of tools designed to give you more control to deliver the LV leads
  • Designed to access acute and tortuous anatomies
  • Low slit force to reduce the risk of lead movement when slitting the catheter
  • Multiple curve configurations and lengths for unique anatomy solutions
  • Designed for St. Jude Medical™ leads including Quartet™ Quadripolar LV Leads

Ordering Information

Reorder Number Description Curve Available Length (cm) Overall Length (cm) Valve Inner Diameter Outer Diameter
DS2M051 CPS Aim™ CSL 59 cm 63 cm Integrated 5.79 F 8 F
DS2M052 CPS Aim™ CSL 65 cm 69 cm Integrated 5.79 F 8 F
DS2M053 CPS Aim™ 90° 59 cm 63 cm Integrated 5.79 F 8 F
DS2M054 CPS Aim™ 135° 59 cm 63 cm Integrated 5.79 F 8 F
DS2M055 CPS Aim™ 45° 59 cm 63 cm Integrated 5.79 F 8 F
CPS Aim™<br />Slittable Inner Catheter, MediGuide Enabled™

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Last Updated: June 2, 2016