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Livewire™ Diagnostic Catheter MediGuide Enabled™


The Livewire™ Diagnostic Catheter, MediGuide Enabled,™ is a steerable decapolar diagnostic catheter that contains a sensor in the distal tip. When used with MediGuide™ Technology, this catheter can be visualized and navigated in real-time on both live and prerecorded fluoroscopy. This catheter is based on our Livewire™ family of steerable diagnostic catheters and features automatic steering lock and predictable handling characteristics.

Product Highlights

  • Miniature embedded sensor allows the position and orientation of the device to be visualized and navigated in real-time on both live and prerecorded fluoroscopy.
  • Handle mechanism enables responsive tip deflection by transmitting fine movements to the catheter shaft.
  • With automatic steering lock, no continuous force is required to maintain tip curve.
  • Soft, non-braided distal section.

Ordering Information

Reorder Number Type Curve Number of Electrodes Shaft Size (F) Band Size (mm) Tip Electrode (mm) Electrode Spacing (mm) Length (cm)
D402058 Catheter Medium Sweep 10 6 1 2 2-5-2 115
Livewire™ Diagnostic CatheterMediGuide Enabled™

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