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EP-NurseMate™ Real Time Review and Charting Station


The EP-NurseMate Real Time Review and Charting Station is an integrated real-time review station for the EP-WorkMate™ Recording System that allows a separate user to review and edit patient study data stored on the EP-WorkMate Recording System and document patient care data during a patient study.

Product Highlights

  • Electronic monitoring - easily chart and monitor patient vital signs and procedure parameters remotely
  • Ablation window for review of Radiofrequency and Cryoablation Data
  • Charting window specific for patient care documentation
  • Review and real-time electrograms
  • Procedure log synced with the EP-WorkMate Recording System
  • Patient monitoring via the physiologic monitoring device
  • Patient physiological data window
  • Medications window to document medications given
  • Single patient record for EP case

Ordering Information

Contents: EP-NurseMate Systems Include: Touchscreen LCD Monitor, Physiologic Vital Signs Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse Input Devices, Peer-to-Peer Direct LAN Connection to the EP-WorkMate Recording System, Windows XP Pro Pentium Style Processor

Reorder Number Description
NM-01 EP-NurseMate Real Time Review and Charting Station (110V)
NM-02 EP-NurseMate Real Time Review and Charting Station (110V) with Physiologic Monitoring Module
NM-UPG Add Physiologic Monitoring Module to NM-01
EP-NurseMate™ Real Time Review and Charting Station

Rx Only

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