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WorkMate Claris™ System


The WorkMate™ Claris™ System is a highly sophisticated, yet simple to use workstation that provides electrogram acquisition while serving as the technology platform for the seamless integration with other systems and products used in the EP lab.

Product Highlights

  • ClearWave™ Signal Acquisition Technology provides 32-bit digital electrogram acquisition
  • The WorkMate Claris™ System puts everything you need to complete your study right at your fingertips. Hot keys are built into all features of the WorkMate Claris™ System, making it even easier to use the features you need
  • The EP-4™ Cardiac Stimulator can be used in a standalone capacity or as a fully integrated component of the WorkMate Claris™ System, providing integrated annotations and the ability to output up to four pacing channels. Fully programmable protocols and accommodations for multiple users create a custom stimulation interface for each specific operator
  • Ablation window displays real-time measurements in both graph and numerical form for supported radiofrequency and cryoablation generators
  • The WorkMate Claris™ System features real-time analysis intervals that include R-R, A-A, V-V, V-A, stimulation, and pressures waveforms
  • Connectivity with existing IT systems is easy, powerful and cost-effective. The WorkMate Claris™ System uses existing IT infrastructure to minimize the complexities and costs associated with a network solution

Ordering Information

Contents: WorkMate Claris™ Systems include: Advanced Electrophysiology Signal Processing Computer, Signal Conditioning Unit with ClearWave Signal Acquisition Technology, Integrated 4-Channel EP-4 Stimulator, High-Resolution LCD Monitors (Real Time, Review/Control, and Slave), Laser Printer, Primary and Bedside Carts, All Associated Cables.

Reorder Number Description
H700150 WorkMate Claris™ System 120 channel system w/ EP-4 Stimulator
H700169 WorkMate Claris™ System 56 channel system w/ EP-4 Stimulator
WorkMate Claris™ System

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