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WorkMate™ ImageSync™ Advanced Image Acquisition Module


This WorkMate Claris™ System upgrade option allows connections to advanced imaging modalities. This imaging connection enables the creation of color images or loops which are correlated to the patient data acquired with the WorkMate Claris™ System.

Product Highlights

  • Easily access clinical images during a procedure, such as from the EnSite™ Velocity™ Cardiac Mapping System or the ViewMate™ Intracardiac Ultrasound System.
  • Correlate image data with recorded electrograms.
  • Visualize catheter locations in relation to the associated electrograms.
  • Easily review cases on one system only–no need to turn on other systems to retrieve critical images.
  • Create comprehensive slides detailing multiple aspects of an EP procedure occurring concurrently.
  • Access up to two additional color video inputs (VGA or DVI); the WorkMate Claris™ System offers standard imaging capability and includes two composite black-and-white image inputs.

Ordering Information

Contents: WorkMate™ ImageSync™ Module includes: Image inputs for 2 additional sources. Sources may be VGA or DVI.

Reorder Number Description
H700116 WorkMate™ ImageSync™ Module

Rx Only

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