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Ampere™ RF Ablation Generator

Product Highlights

  • Specifically designed to work alongside the EnSite™ Velocity™ Cardiac Mapping System
  • Designed for compatibility with EP-WorkMate™ Recording System, WorkMate Claris™ Recording System, EnSite Precision™ cardiac mapping system, MediGuide™ technology and other major recording systems
  • Choice of power or temperature control modes
  • Large, colorful screen and buttons for easy reading and programming
  • New programming options, including automatic irrigation flow adjustment and variable power ramp-up times
  • Up to four presets for easy switching between settings
  • Optional full-color screen remote control and footswitch available

Ordering Information

Reorder Number Description
H700494 Ampere Generator Kit (includes generator + footswitch, 2.5 m cable)
H700490 Ampere™ Remote Control (includes 15 m fiber cord)
H700498 Ampere™ Footswitch, 2.5 m
H700499 Ampere Footswitch, 5 m
H700500 Ampere Footswitch, 10 m
H700501 Ampere Footswitch, 15 m
H700504 Ampere™ Generator Accessories (kit includes U.S. power cord [IEC320], equipotential cable, 4-lead EGM cable, serial mouse DB9 data assembly cable, and cable/conn ablation assembly — amplifier)
Ampere™ RF Ablation Generator and Ampere™ Remote Control

Rx Only

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