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Effects of IPod and MP3 Multimedia Players on St. Jude Medical Implantable Cardiac Rhythm Devices


IPods and MP3 players are compact multimedia players, often used for downloading and playing music digitally.

Potential effects

There is no indication that compact multimedia players, such as iPod‡ products or MP3 players, interfere with an implantable pacemaker or ICD. Some limited data suggest that during device evaluation in the hospital or in a clinic, use of one of these players within approximately 12 inches of the programmer wand could momentarily disrupt the communication between the programmer and the implanted device. The device’s ability to give therapy is not affected.


Multimedia players should be turned off during an in-clinic follow-up session or moved more than 12 inches away from the wand to avoid this interference. There is no indication that carrying a multimedia player will affect the operation of a pacemaker or ICD.

If you have any questions on this topic, please contact St. Jude Medical Technical Services at 800-722-3774.

PDF Effects of iPod and mp3 Multi-Media Players on St. Jude Medical Implantable Cardiac Rhythm Devices (17.8kb)
Rev 08/09