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Discover What Can Make Implantable Devices Perform Improperly

EMI, including MRI, may cause pacing inhibition or uneeded treatment

We strive to anticipate situations, activities and products that can interfere with the function of our implantable cardiac rhythm management (CRM) devices. Many of our devices have protections built in to minimize or eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI), the most common source of issues. However, certain types of EMI still pose risk.

You can read more about the sources and effects of EMI in Electromagnetic Interference and the Pacemaker Patient.

In addition, we have provided detailed information about EMI and other sources of interference in these main categories:

Medical and Dental Tests and Procedures
Personal Office Technology
Household Items
Office and Shop Equipment
Public Environment
Entertainment and Sports

Neuromodulation Devices EMI and MRI Information

For information on EMI interference, MRI and other surgical procedures for neuromodulation devices, please visit sjm.com/MRIready.