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Our commitment

At St. Jude Medical, we take our responsibility as a medical device manufacturer very seriously and are focused on delivering the highest quality products possible—because we know physicians and patients around the world are depending on us. 

Riata™ silicone lead information

St. Jude Medical voluntarily and proactively stopped selling our Riata™ and Riata ST Silicone Defibrillation Leads in December 2010. We have communicated to physicians about a significant reduction in all-cause abrasion with our newer generation of leads coated with Optim™ insulation, as compared to the silicone-only insulated leads, and about the incidence rates of externalized conductors in Riata and Riata ST leads. 

We are committed to the highest levels of device performance and public transparency and have taken a number of actions to reflect this commitment. This website is a dedicated resource for providing the latest information on Riata leads. We will continue to present information with accuracy and integrity and provide updates in a timely manner to inform patient care. 

U.S. Riata and Riata ST Lead Settlement Information

PDF St. Jude Medical Settles U.S. Lawsuits Relating to Riata™ and Riata ST Defibrillation Leads (18.4kb)
(updated 02/26/2015)


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