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Masters HP™ Mechanical Heart Valve Standard Cuff

Product Highlights

  • Sewing cuff redesigned to facilitate supra-annular placement, allowing for an increase in orifice size for a given tissue annulus diameter
  • Increased effective orifice area (EOA), lower pressure gradients, and improved performance1-5
  • 85 degree leaflet opening angle offers improved laminar flow and reduces turbulence1,2,6
  • Controlled torque rotation mechanism allows for easy rotation and intraoperative adjustment
  • The FlexCuff™ is flanged and more pliable than the standard cuff
  • St. Jude Medical heart valves are MR conditional7
Masters HP<sup>™</sup> Mechanical Heart Valve Standard Cuff

Ordering Information

Contents: Aortic Valve (1 unit per box)

Reorder Number Tissue Annulus Diameter (mm) Valve Orifice Inner Diameter (mm) Geometric Orifice Area (cm2) Effective Orifice Area (cm2)8 Cuff Style
17AHPJ-505 17 14.8 1.63 1.16 Standard
19AHPJ-505 19 16.7 2.06 1.51 Standard
21AHPJ-505 21 18.6 2.55 2.03 Standard
23AHPJ-505 23 20.4 3.09 2.59 Standard
25AHPJ-505 25 22.5 3.67 3.08 Standard
27AHPJ-505 27 24.2 4.41 3.73 Standard

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Rx Only

St. Jude Medical prosthetic heart valves are indicated for use as replacement valves in patients with a diseased, damaged, or malfunctioning native or prosthetic valve. Possible side effects for all valvular implants include, but are not limited to: regurgitation, thromboembolic phenomena, resistance to flow, infection, hemolysis, dysrhythmias, and prosthetic dehiscence or failure. Anticoagulation is recommended for patients with mechanical valve implants. Please see the physician’s manual for a full description of indications, contraindications, side effects, precautions, warnings and instructions for use.

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