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AMPLATZER™ Multi-Fenestrated Septal Occluder – “Cribriform”

Product Highlights

  • Self-expanding, double-disc device designed for closure of multi-fenestrated atrial septal defects
  • Matched disc diameters maximize coverage of multiple fenestrations
  • Device can be easily recaptured and redeployed for optimal placement
  • Nitinol and interwoven polyester promote occlusion and tissue in-growth
AMPLATZER™ Multi-Fenestrated Septal Occluder – “Cribriform”

Ordering Information

Contents: 1 occluder

Reorder Number Device Size/Disc Diameter (mm) Min. Recommended Sheath Size (AMPLATZER™ TorqVue™ Delivery System)
9-ASD-MF-018 18 8 F; 45° Curve
9-ASD-MF-025 25 8 F; 45° Curve
9-ASD-MF-030 30 8 F; 45° Curve
9-ASD-MF-035 35 9 F; 45° Curve
AMPLATZER™ Multi-Fenestrated Septal Occluder – “Cribriform”

Rx Only

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