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Tailor™ Flexible Annuloplasty Band

Product Highlights

  • Band offers simple alternative and time-saving simplicity to flexible rings
  • Posterior support allows dynamic annular motion
  • Flexible design aids cardiac output and left ventricular function, supporting optimal hemodynamics 1-3
  • Large target area eases suturing
  • Suitable for implant using open sternotomy, minimally invasive and robotic approaches

Ordering Information

Contents: Flexible Band (1 unit per box)

Reorder Number Ring Size Inside Dimension (mm) Outside Dimension (mm) Intertrigonal Dimension (mm)
TAB-25 25 28.4 34.4 25
TAB-27 27 31.2 37.2 27
TAB-29 29 34.0 40.0 29
TAB-31 31 36.6 42.6 31
TAB-33 33 39.4 45.4 33
TAB-35 35 40.9 47.9 35
Tailor<sup>™</sup> Flexible Annuloplasty Band

1. Yamaura Y, Yoshikawa J, Yoshida K, et al. Three-dimensional analysis of configuration and dynamics in patients with an annuloplasty ring by multiplane transesophageal echocardiography: Comparison between flexible and rigid annuloplasty rings. J Heart Valve Dis. 1995;4(6)618–22.

2. Kunzelman K, Reimink S, Cochran P. Flexible versus rigid ring annuloplasty for mitral valve annular dilatation: A finite element model. J Heart Valve Dis. 1998;7(1)108.

3. David T, Armstrong S, Sun Z. Left ventricular function after mitral valve surgery. J Heart Valve Dis. 1995;4(Supl) S175–80.

Rx Only

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