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SJM™ Rigid Saddle Ring

Product Highlights

  • Designed to restore the shape of a healthy mitral annulus1
  • Titanium core maintains the anatomical shape and provides annular remodeling
  • Saddle shape contributes to efficient distribution of leaflet stress and chordal tension, which may increase repair durability1-4
  • EZ Suture™cuff is supported by a unique triangular core for a larger suture target

Ordering Information

Contents: Rigid Saddle Ring (1 unit per box)

Reorder Number Ring Size Commissure Dimension (mm) Inside Dimension (mm) Outside Dimension (mm) A-P Dimension (mm) Internal 2-D Orifice Area (mm2)
RSAR-24 24 24 22 30 13.6 227
RSAR-26 26 26 24 32 15.1 276
RSAR-28 28 28 26 34 16.2 331
RSAR-30 30 30 28 26 17.9 387
RSAR-32 32 32 30 38 19.2 450
RSAR-34 34 34 32 40 20.6 511
SJM<sup>™</sup> Rigid Saddle Ring

1. Jimenez JH, Soerensen DD, He Z, et al. Effects of a saddle shaped annulus on mitral valve function and chordal force distribution: An in vitro study. Ann Biomed Eng. 2003;31(10):1171-81.

2. Salgo IS, Gorman JH 3rd, Gorman RC, et al. Effect of annular shape on leaflet curvature in reducing mitral leaflet stress. Circulation. 2002;106(6):711-7.

3. Jimenez JH, Liou SW, Padala M, et al. A saddle-shaped annulus reduces systolic strain on the central region of the mitral valve anterior leaflet. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2007;134(6):1562-8.

4. Gorman JH 3rd, Jackson BM, Enomoto Y, et al. The effect of regional ischemia on mitral valve annular saddle shape. Ann Thorac Surg. 2004;77(2):544-8.

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