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HydroSteer™ Guidewire

Product Highlights

  • Offers exceptional steerability through tortuous vessels
  • Lubricious hydrophilic coating provides smooth access
  • Nitinol core resists kinking while maintaining flexibility and durability
  • Radiopaque polymer jacket provides excellent visualization
  • Long taper core enhances maneuverability and increases flexibility

Ordering Information

Contents: Guidewire (5 units per box)

Reorder Number Description Diameter (in.) Length (cm) Tip Taper
405053 Standard, Angled 0.018 150 Regular
405063 Standard, Angled 0.035 260 Regular
405064 Standard, Straight 0.035 260 Regular
405065 Stiff, Angled 0.035 150 Regular
405066 Stiff, Straight 0.035 150 Regular
405067 Stiff, Angled 0.035 150 LT
405068 Stiff, Straight 0.035 180 Regular
405070 Standard, Angled 0.038 150 Regular
405078 Stiff, Angled 0.038 150 Regular
405081 Stiff, Straight 0.038 180 Regular

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