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Product Highlights

  • Multipurpose bracket with swivel function to fasten RadiAnalyzer™, RadiAnalyzer™ Xpress or QUANTIEN™ systems to cath lab table rail or IV pole
  • Compatible with 10 x 25 mm horizontal equipment rails and with vertical columns (13 – 38 mm; 0.5 – 1.5 inch)
  • Includes holder for RadiAnalyzer Xpress system power supply*

Ordering Information

Contents: Bracket (1 unit per box)

Reorder Number Description
C12777 Multipurpose Bracket

*NOTE: If used with QUANTIEN, remember to order the Pole Bracket in order to mount QUANTIEN on the pole. Mounting screws and Power supply holder for QUANTIEN are included in the Pole Bracket package.

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